Granular Dolomitic lime


Raise the PH level of your lawn soil
Prevent weeds from growing
Allows your lawn to absorb 100% of the fertilizer
50 pound bag


Acid rain in Quebec lowers the PH level of your lawn soil and weeds like acid soils. So even if your lawn is newly peated, after a few months of rain, the pH drops and the weeds will start to grow. Another problem with acidic soils is that the roots of your lawn will absorb only 50% of the fertilizer you give it and the other 50% is not absorbed at all, it is wasted.

Our commercial grade granular dolomitic lime is controlled to ensure quality, will not have “rocks” therefore dissolves better and will not have a powder deposit (ca part au vent). It will raise the PH level of your lawn soil. Results after applications: weeds will no longer grow and our lawn fertilizer will be absorbed 100% by the roots of your lawn! Contact us to find out how much you need in your case.